One Liberation Under God

a documentary film project. an experiment in love.

Promo Video

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

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2 thoughts on “Promo Video

  1. My partner and our two adopted children in live in a small northern Michigan town. We are Christians who are active in our small Methodist church which is comprised of an older, conservative congregation. They love us dearly. We both hold leadership positions in the church and I am reguarly asked to do sermons when the pastor is gone. I am a teacher at the high school and my partner is the superintendent of the entire district. Our vibrant lives here in this small conservative town serve as a testament to people’s abilities to love without prejudice. I have theories as to why we are so accepted here. If you want to hear our story, I will pay for you to come here and we will offer lodging in our guest bedroom. Our story is one that should be heard.

    C. Young

    • Christina, I would LOVE to include you and your family in the documentary! Stories like yours are so important, and exactly what I’m looking for in terms of this project. If you’d like to shoot me an email at, we can stay in touch. My long-term goals are to hopefully begin fundraising this fall, and map out detailed travel plans by early 2015.

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